Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Connjure @ YouTube

Over the past week, I've put a few new things up on YouTube  (where I've been spending my free time, as opposed to writing these blog posts...)

I have lots to learn and have full intent to improve these vids as time goes on
for the time being... I'm looking looking for beta testers and constructive criticism

here's the link:

all comments / questions will be answered as they come in
(on each you tube video)
suggestions for future videos are also welcome

Please like and subscribe
& as always
thanks for your time, interest & energy

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

City Park

Spent part of the afternoon in NOLA's lovely "City Park" (shooting some test video...)

If you find yourself in New Orleans with free time; a trip  to City Park will make your brain happy. Whether you're a family looking for a group event, a romantic duo or an artist looking for inspiration, you'll find what you seek here.

I'll def be spending more time there...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A high spot in High Spots

Love love love this plot
Caleb Wile's construction is outstanding
(also a great trick to 'personalize')


Thursday, March 2, 2017

More Morelli

If you haven't heard, Calen Morelli has a new kickstarter up:

I think Morelli is one of the top creative minds of this generation and I'm sure this project is gonna be must-see-magic-tv
Who's Calen Morelli? Check out his "show reel"

If you're not familiar with Calen, do yourself a favor and correct that now

Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Judgement Day

I spent some time today watching magic "contests"
Fool Us, Wizard Wars and America's Got Talent

I also watched some recent magi-magic-contests (Mostly FISM winners.)

so, now I'm thinking...

If magic "contests" are going to be a thing,
I'd like to see at least some of them being judged by the laity.

Note: I'm a big fan of Penn & Teller's "Fool Us." I think it provides an amazing showcase for close-up magic (that otherwise would never be showcased.) I also think their recent "Wizard Wars" had some merit.

America's Got Talent is a step in the right direction, but... yeah, it has issues (for example, we have a German, a Brit, an Australian and a Canadian judging the american talent... and that's the least of their problems.)

I'm a fan of anything that brings our art(s & crafts) to the laity, but, when it comes to showcasing magical offerings for judgement, I really think at some point, joe Q public needs to be part of the judging.

More than anywhere I else, I believe this to be true for magic-convention contests. Please oh please put some laymen in those judges seats (at least some of them.)

Magic is an art meant to be enjoyed many ways (including inbred ways: like trying to fool your kindred spirits... a guilty pleasure I enjoy as well.) I'm just saying, it's an Art meant to be consumed by the public... and if we are to be judged as great magicians, the public should have some say-so in that judgement.

... but who am I to judge?

Saturday, February 25, 2017

RIP Daryl

I first saw Daryl at Haine's House of Cards in 1984 and I clearly recall, dreaming, that one day I could be close to his caliber of greatness.  At that point in my magi-life, I had never felt so inspired.
Imagine seeing (pre youtube / DVD)
Daryl's Rope Routine, Elbow Knee & Neck, Audio Transpo
Ultimate Ambition & a plethora of FISM award winning Card Magic (ex: the "Hot Shot Cut" before the word "Cardistry" was even a word.)
I'm confident he inspired (several?) generations of magi & You'll find his magic runs deep through my own creative output (ex: Spongolgy, Triumph Tools, Coin Spectacle & much more)
Indeed, he was "The Magicians Magician" and he set the bar for delivering strong / quality content higher than anyone before or since (and did so with unequaled, joyous enthusiasm.)
I really could ramble endlessly
RIP Daryl