Monday, January 7, 2019

Reflective Thoughts

When people ask what I do,  my usual reply is "I'm a magician" but, if conversation gets to the point where I'm handing out a business card, the potential client will find the term "Prestidigitation" as my professional title. I THINK, that's what I am: a "prestigitator" ... a "sleight of hand artist" if you will.  Note: I prefer the term legerdemain, but zero percent of the laity knows what that means, so I defer to the former.

The term "magician" is in the right ballpark, but I don't consider myself exactly that (*though I accept the misnomer to keep conversations simple.)

My general goal is to do what I love (sleight of hand) and to have fun with those watching it.

It's my choice...  and that's kinda my point here... I've made a choice...
Have you?
What do YOU THINK you are?

Thursday, November 15, 2018

The "Real Work"

Well, it's been cold here in NOLA this week, so I've forgone my daily long-walks & instead: I've hit the Gym (made it there every day this week.) I do 30-45 min on the treadmill, some weight training and then the elliptical for as long as I can stand it... god I hate that machine. 
*I also use this time to practice some secret magi-things 
**I'm generally listening to an audiobook or a podcast or when I need the energy 'boost' I turn on the "Rocky/Gonna Fly Now" station on Pandora for some great workout tunes.

I rarely feel like getting up and out, each session is still a battle. But, I feel better for doing it, every, single time.

In bout 6 months, I intend for this battle to be over. Well, not really over... just for the "mind/body/soul power/hour" to be a habit *and hopefully I won't be fat anymore.

I'll also continue my "magi-workouts" this weekend in the French Quarter: 4-6 hours a day, as many shows / interactions as I can muster... strengthinging my stage persona, as well as my body, voice, mind and more. And in the interim, I'll continue other life strengthing things, like writing for example :) Thanks for reading some of the words... and yo: if you've been thinking bout putting some exercise into your life... just do it!

Saturday, November 10, 2018

Real Man's E$P

Just got home from busking. I went out too early (and it was chilly!) But I persevered and the busking gods delivered :) More importantly: I experimented with my craft and was happy with the results. In fact, my best $how/Hat came from a set where I wsa breaking in my new 'psychic' routine (that's right, I'm putting the $ into E$P!) I'm jazzed to further explore the routine and do it again tomorrow!

One of the unequalled bonuses of busking/street performing is the creative freedom to do whatever the fk you wanna do... your only judge is the audience... and if it's not good enough, you'll find out quick! That brutal honesty that can/will make you a better performer. I'm blessed to have this as part of my life (I've felt that way for 30ish years now!)


Was doubly excited when I arrived home to find a sweet package from Anthony Miller / RFA Productions. I've been a fan of the "Real Man" design for a long time (I often close my busking set with this effect/prop) and Tony's current rendition is downright diabolical (and of course, it's super well made.) I'm adding this to my pocket immediately. Double jazzed to test drive this wallet tommorow!
 If you're interested / curious bout the Real Man's Speed Loader, here's the info:

That's the magic-news for the day... time to relax and enjoy a local festival!

Friday, November 9, 2018

Much Ado About Nothing

Rained out today, so I’m at home working and working out: did some meditation, a lil yoga + an hour at the gym & now I’m currently rehearsing a new sequence (designed ta pack small and play big.)

The routine is “Much Ado About Nothing” (literally!) My hopes are with just 3 envelopes and a few clips (plus a piece of rope that’s already part of the act) that an audience and I are able to connect, have some fun & maybe even be amazed!

*But it’s main intent is to “Lure With Spectacle”!

Will it work?   Stay tuned!!!

Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Connjure @ YouTube

Over the past week, I've put a few new things up on YouTube  (where I've been spending my free time, as opposed to writing these blog posts...)

I have lots to learn and have full intent to improve these vids as time goes on
for the time being... I'm looking looking for beta testers and constructive criticism

here's the link:

all comments / questions will be answered as they come in
(on each you tube video)
suggestions for future videos are also welcome

Please like and subscribe
& as always
thanks for your time, interest & energy

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

City Park

Spent part of the afternoon in NOLA's lovely "City Park" (shooting some test video...)

If you find yourself in New Orleans with free time; a trip  to City Park will make your brain happy. Whether you're a family looking for a group event, a romantic duo or an artist looking for inspiration, you'll find what you seek here.

I'll def be spending more time there...

Wednesday, March 8, 2017

A high spot in High Spots

Love love love this plot
Caleb Wile's construction is outstanding
(also a great trick to 'personalize')